by - September 04, 2012


Was watching Maid in Manhattan. After the call. After late morning shower. One shower that hopefully can wash away miseries (literally), but never does.

Listed out 10 things people should know. Or worst, I myself should know.

  1. I don't put effort for people to favour me. They should like me for what I am, not the effort.
  2. I hate people looking down on me.
  3. I don't dress fancy like most girls do.
  4. I put down phone calls whenever don't feel like talking, thinking, or overwhelmed with sadness, and for that, I'm somehow hated.
  5. People called me, 'tak ada perasaan'. I may look and act that way, but inside, no one knows.
  6. I am hotheaded.
  7. I am selfish.
  8. I am egoistic.
  9. I am stingy.
  10. When I truly love someone, I really do.

:: Smile ::

For someone who wants to be a friend, to love, be prepared. 

Thank you for reading. Seeya in another one week or so...when I'm in the mood of typing.

p/s: somehow, Daddy Date Day comes to mind. Noted :)

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