W15: An irresistible ending

by - December 23, 2012

shine bright like a diamond **

arghhh i'm hardly opening my eyes while typing this. it sores everywhere. head, eyes, jaw, back, and more. like being trapped in a 60 year-old body though i'm 21 going 22 -.- W15 marked the last week of the semester. all classes ended with beautiful memories. managed to snap a pic with Dr Shankar and Dato' Dean weh! let me keep those pics private. for the sake of my babies. err one day nanti lah kan heee. Dr. Shankar was so nice. he said, "nanti you emel saya gambar ni aaa". funny, with his slang and tone sumore. aww i couldn't resist adoring my dear Dr. Shankar :P

just a little recap on 5th semester. everything didn't go as smooth as i had always wanted. not very participative in activities like managing big events and so on. but i knew i'm that kind of person after all. so i found something else for experience tasting. alot of first time. like abah said, you have to enjoy as much as you can in your life. not enjoy pi clubbing aaa. enjoy having happy moments and being adventurous. then i thought for a sec, ceh best la abah adventurous doing backpacking kat overseas nun. kat sini, nak pi mana? backpacking balik Bayan Lepas je la kan. ahahaha. abah oh abah :)

highlight of the week?

last week 14, Dr. Azizah who taught us Services Marketing invited the whole class to attend her niece's wedding held yesterday. from the way she informed us on the details that her niece was busying herself with, i know the grandeur wedding ceremony would be a bomb. yeah. as predicted. English garden theme, or something like that. we had fun, we talked, we laughed. most important is, we had free dinner! now who says there's no such thing as free lunch? of course there isn't, coz we have free dinner! hehehe.

on the way back home, out of nowhere, suddenly rempits conquered the road. until in front of tekun. we, including our only man in the car, Popo, were damn freaked out because they might hurt us. or lutu our the car. or simbah asid like in the news. brrr...scary.

eh wait have i told you that the bride's father look like my apak? hahah sebijik except that my apak looks chubbier plumper berisi and has more white hair. oh yes and more handsome and charming of course. and then i started fantasizing my own wedding reception with abah and mama waiting at the hallway greeting people. and yep, i will do my wedding there. will book the place in year 2015 ha ha ha.

right. right. less talk, more pictures.

above: the bride, an air hostess of Malaysia Airline. the most sporting bride ever
below: the bridegroom? nooo that's Arja Lee. hee. good-looking eh? the bridegroom is a pilot, not an actor

we are cool

because we are marketing people

marketing people are gay

and gay means black and gold

but gay doesn't mean you have the rights to leave your socks behind

and CZ12 made us went crazier and gay-er. ha ha

goodnight people *English accent*

since this is the last post until the end of exam, guys, selamat menduduki peperiksaan yang da bomb tu. sharpen your pencils, bring bigger eraser (to patah2kan and share with those who don't bring theirs. i dah biasa ha ha) and laminate your exam slip to add more nerdy element to yourself. ahakks.

i realized some of my deeds were so wrong this week. but i just don't realise, i need to give them space to grow up and to be more magnanimous. it's what a big sister is supposed to do. to sisters, i will try to do what i'm supposed to do. love you both :)

(do not eew eeew me!)

chioowss! ^ ^

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