The day I won't forget

by - February 12, 2013


My family and I had been spending most of our last three days at Pantai Medical Centre. An unfortunate event happened.

I hate-love hospitals. The sight of people in unbearable pain, the smell, the visitors (especially the kids who screamed and yelled like the ward their mother stayed in was theirs), patients with endless phone calls and text alerts, air full of germs. I can feel it. DIRTY ATMOSPHERE I SWEAR.

But as a first timer who overnight there, it was cool. Bila lagi nak rempit (rempit lah sangat -..-) malam malam kan. Dengan izin mama abah lagi you. Sebelum ni? Tak mintak. Ahaha.

Moral of the story: talked to your neighbours as little as you can so you won’t know the ward you are staying in is actually haunted. Omk spooky maak -..-

our darlings came for a visit
a gift :')

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