Gone Baby Gone

by - July 07, 2013


That's her in the middle. Today, my one and only baby sister enrolled into Kolej Mara Kuala Nerang. We stayed in Alor Setar last night so we managed to spend some quality family time together. Everything doesn’t seem real  for me now because you know, that’s my baby sister we are talking about. A baby. Aegi.

KMKN is a great place to start with. Fresh air (we arrived at 8.30am), big spaces, great facilities, and provide huge opportunities to shine in academics as I believe. She registered (on her own), took the key and we went off to her hostel. Honestly I don’t fancy the room (four per room) because it’s not that spacious like the one I had at KMPP. But I am thankful that other environments are well-balanced.

So we cleaned up her room, her space with all our heart. I feel like I’m responsible to arrange everything though my head said, let her do it. But I want her to feel like that’s her own room, like one she has at home. That’s why I let my hands do the work. Tak apalah, first time abroad, kasi chan lah.

After settling and listened to a talk, we sent her back to the hostel. We exchanged goodbyes and hugs. I saw from my parents’ faces that they were sick worried. I know, I totally understand. Because I am too, so does my another sister. We feared that she could not adapt to the fact that she’s there without any family members, could not manage doing things like washing her clothes or even get to eat dinner. But we know she has to make do for everything there. Then we left, and I managed to look back to send her off for the last time. Sedih nak mati because that’s when my mom cried loudly, followed by my dad and then my sister. Me? The last one because I hold back those tears to avoid more cries in the car.

The last time my dad cried was when his mother passed away which was decades ago. Make me feel sadder.

Making things a lil bit harder, today too is his birthday.

We’ve already missed her deadly. Home does not feel home at all, for now. She’s sometimes rude, picky, ignorant, but hey, flesh and blood is inseparable. Because she’s a baby, we thought that she will be staying with us forever. We were wrong. This is the stage where she can be more grown up, be independent (she depend a lot on my mom). I hope she can do great on her own, get along with new good friends and scores well because she really wants to go to the overseas. May Allah grant her every will.

Now, allow me to resume crying.

along miss you

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  1. she gonna make it! definitely! trust her okay :)

    1. she said 'i'm alive'. ahaha. trust habis habis ni. mekasih ek :)