by - August 18, 2013

Sofia had these good friends. She liked them so much, and they were in such good terms so she came to think that she's favoured too. So one day, she found out that these girls used her for, she didn't know what they needed from her anyway. They used her for goods. Talked behind her back. Planning to damage her life with unfaithful friendship.

Plain b*tch.

Sofia has a boyfriend whom she adores all her heart. The guy is smokin' hot, true, but of course she doesn't fall for him because of his physical attraction. So you know what girls do if they don't get their guy. Like in those girls dramas. These strangers play dirty to force Sofia to back off and make this he's-mine gesture.

Plain b*tch.

Sofia entered a shop that sells her favourite lipstick. She looked through the lipstick rack and suddenly the salesgirl with thick makeup came to her and asked her what was she looking for. The other salesgirls behind the counter eyed her head-to-toe as if she was not born to buy their infamous and expensive lipstick range.

Plain b*tch. With totally borrowed makeup.

Sofia went to this party where she was invited. She found that she had misplaced herself by coming to the party where every girls totally knew each other and she was outcasted the second she stepped into the place. Girls with fake lashes and only look at boys.

Plain b*tch.

Sofia's  high school friends are mostly rich. No, their DADS are rich. One pathetic girl always came to school less than four days a week and either went home early or came late with Starbucks in one hand and a designer jacket on the other hand.

Plain b*tch. Who thinks she owns the school.

Sofia's acquaintance which is a girl, changed her boyfriend every six months. One period, she's with this guy, another period, she's with another guy. When asked why the girl did that, she said she get bored of these men easily.

Plain b*tch.

How's your kind of b*tch who 'coloured' your life?

bad enough

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