W6: Bad wisdom

by - October 18, 2013


I've had it for years, so yesterday, after cleaning, I asked the dentist to take a look at my aching wisdom tooth. He immediately said, "oo kena operate ni" and asked me to come again next week for an x-ray. I was like, haaaa?! That fast? No further discussion, no nothing? After that I didn't bother to ask more because I was so pissed off.

Since I was unconvinced with this dentist, abah took me to Klinik Pergigian Gelugor (at Gelugor Post Office) owned by Dr. Khazan Singh. He gave me his old, sweet smile when I told him about this one evil tooth and explained one by one, from the procedure until the method to ease the toothache. For good 15 minutes. I was more than satisfied. This is how a private practice is supposed to be. Not very profit-based like the first dentist.

Dr. Khazan said it's normal for certain people to have stubborn wisdom tooth/teeth. The very old method to make the pain go away is by gargling warm salted water, followed by taking medicine like antibiotics. If the pain goes to our head and ears and very bothersome, that one is a serious case and may need an extraction.

Still not assured,  I asked him, "Dr, I heard people die because of wisdom tooth extraction".

And he just laughed. Which blew away my yesterday worriness. That made me slept early. Mine doesn't need to be extracted. Yet.

I can sleep late tonight :)

just like mine. malu malu kucen kononnnn

p/s: I found out something bizarre today. Maturity doesn't come with age. Really.

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