by - November 29, 2013


Words. I'm at a loss of words now. Because...

...I'm so beat man. I have many things to do, plus couldn't cope greatly with Korean language. And I have this listening test next week but right now am staring blankly at this laptop because I was so distraught with all the load coming to me at once. So I open Bon Jovi's 'It's My Life' and then I wish I can watch a concert in the tunnel too.

.."It's my laaaaaiiifff, it is now or neeeverrr"..

...I fugging hate those people so much that I couldn't be bothered anymore. Because bothering bout them is such a waste of time and energy, and they don't even know we think a lot of them, as a friend, as anyone. Then they tend to treat you like you can do everything for them from A to Z, and just carry on with their life. Hello? I have a life too. Fyi, I'm not that kind anymore.

...I think I lost something. Couldn't remember what it is, where I put it. Not a key please, not a key.

An impressive week.

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