W17: Old

by - December 30, 2013


Boredom lingering. I shouldn't complain, but these notes are killing me. I've been seeing them for dozens of times and it's pretty amazing I survive. Just got distracted and open a cool apps I downloaded last night. Nobody else to be blamed but me. Yeay?

Ok I love the pengantin's baju

Last Saturday, we had a wedding reception celebrating a family friend's (also a neighbour) brand new daughter-in -law. This is my first time going to a Pakistani-ish wedding and was exciting and new to me. The wedding was quite exclusive, lots of sparkles and details, bollywood band (summore! Bolly choriya kauuu) and very nice food. Quality over quantity, they say. I remembered few years back, he was a teenager, still young, enjoying youth life. And now he's married. Have a stable job, a house (darn a house! I need a house too?!). I feel like an old lady already. Ha ha.

So while I was eating, had been thinking, in another 20 years, who would I be with? Mystery still unsolved but am looking forward to it. My imam, I'm waaaaaaaaaitingggggggg ^^

E-day starts today, and my paper is on this Thursday and I'm booked for about two weeks. My roomate is already in the exam hall at 2 (thought her paper is tomorrow no wonder she slept quite early). Since this is my last exam of four years (I get it I get it. OLD), I am chillin'. Just too bad the first one is a marketing paper. I'm gonna kill ya!

Right. Back to notes. Bye.

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