The Starting of a Journey

by - January 25, 2014


I'm currently undergoing internship and semester 8 at the same time. My company do web hosting. The first time I heard of web hosting, I was so blurred and cried by myself, what the heck is this web hosting and domain all. Until now I cannot fully understand our products but hopefully I can settle down with my confusion and start working on the customer relationship software (double the confusion level pleaasssseeee T.T. Oh noooo!)

They gave me this today. To write more and more instructions coming. I gotta be happy or what?

Anyway other than that, things are going well. Except that it is very inconvenient to have only 1 hour for lunch. You know, one third of the week was spent on having Subway for lunch. RM11 per purchase and times 3 days, that will be RM33. Masak la weyyyy. So next week, I plan on bringing my own food so that I can save more on ringgit and time for zohor prayers.

The first week also gave me lots of pressure. One, is the workload. My job at the moment, is to call previous participants of our project. Not 10, not 20, but about 40 participants. If you asked me, who would pay back RM150 after getting RM1k? I know I wouldn't. They are reluctant, and my job to persuade. And I swear the moment I pressed the numbers, I prayed for them not to pick it up.  Stress okeh yongs! But sorry to say, office work isn't my thing. I am more to unroutined and creative taks. But for now, terima sajalah as long as my units are full.

The second hardship, is that one day, I couldn't find a place for solat. I feel mad at that building for not having even one decent surau so I went down to the mosque nearby. But then I forgot that it was Friday so in the end I went back to the building with shattered heart. I really really don't want to skip zohor just because of this 'cool' job. Fortunately a guard said there's a surau there. So I called ma and then did my prayers. Fuuhhh. Never skip solat just because of work guys.

Err to sum up, actually things didn't went well for week 1 haha.

Ok lah, that's all for now. Meet you guys here again nanti ok. Oh yes, guys, have the most fun now before welcoming yourself to hell (literally). Hee. Ok papai!

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