by - March 08, 2014

Confession #4: Weight is something I rarely discuss about.

I am not fat, but not thin either. I don't take weight and width seriously because there's more to life than weighing myself. But whenever I never think about my body issue, someone will always complain about me. Two weeks of acquaintance is enough to make this person open his heart up.

"Hey you wear your dad's shirt izit? It looks weird lah". I wore an oversize, female shirt.

"Hey don't eat nasi lemak selalu la it's fattening". That's my first nasi lemak in 4 months.

"You need to exercise if want to decrease your lens power". I only believe not depending too much on specs can decrease power. Works like a charm.

"Swimming is not exercising okay. Tak keluar peluh pun", when I said I swim once in a while. I think he was drunk.

I wish he can cut his foul mouth and dump it into a dustbin.

God made us women unique and love pretty things. We take our appearance seriously. We want to feel beautiful, presentable, and nice to look at. We do love our body, but once people start making 'funny', lame jokes on our appearance repetitiously, of course we go crazy and think about it for the whole year! How can we not be?? Like if I say you have a flabby tummy and I can see it from 1km away, won't you go psycho? What a big liar, if you say 'no'. Coz I saw you at Absolute Fitness working your butt off the next day. Hah gotcha!

You see, not every girls have a body to kill for. Some are born with large build, like me. Everything I wear, is always a size L. Honestly I don't mind if people give me a what-she-is-an-L-size glare in shopping mall. Better than showing off fat folds isn't it? So please don't be so shallow with weight and body issue. Be open and take people's weight as they are. Believe me, women can take care of their body if they want to. You don't have to care so much for our body.  We don't need your sharp comments.

I think my body too hates senseless talks. So how do my body reacts to these kind of people? By condemning them everytime they open their mouth. I just shot back effortlessly and automatically. Oh I'm goooooood. And of course I love my body :)

Oversize in anything and not ashamed of it :P

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