by - December 29, 2014


December huh? Hmm.. I can simplify it into 4 categories.


Things were rough this month. I learnt a lot about myself, about my surroundings. Enough said.


I visited both sisters at their respective (temporary) residency. The most challenging visit is to KB. Since we had to travel in transit, it was twice tiring. I was so excited to see the great KLIA 2 and refused to listen to rumours saying the second airport was a blunder. It was huge and full of wonders, for me lah.

Then, while visiting my another sister, I fell ill for the first time this year so the trip wasn't that nice. But anyway, hope both of them will stay strong and sane. Hahah.


Kafe Jiran, 10 minutes away from HUSM. Kenyang perut suka hati wiwiwi ><

Purposely asked her to stand there. Hahah


Throughout the year, I bought loads of books without having any time to read em. So this month, I try to read one by one, starting from 'Love in Nutshell' by Janet Evanovich. Good read, at the moment :) For the rest, err maybe next year hehe.


Received a number of wedding invitations. But I would like to mention the last wedding I went today. My high school friend and ex classmate, Jahizah got married yesterday! Omomooooo! I was a bit surprised coz she did not gave any hint at social media (you go girl). Still, I am happy to see my friends moving on to this stage and pray for Him to bless them.

Jah, aku harap kau sentiasa bahagia dengan Ammyn (betul ke ejaan eh? Haha), jadi isteri dan mak yang baik nanti. Kau matang, very the understanding, pandai masak, rajin jahit baju lelawa. Ingat tak kau yang jahit baju KH aku masa Tingkatan 2 dulu haaa lawa dohhh. Kira markah bonus untuk seorang isteri tuuu. Heeee. Whatever it is, hope all is well for both of you :)

Ok that's all. Bye!

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