Monday, 2 March 2015

Half A Year Passed and I Still Hate My Job

March 02, 2015 0 Comments

Yes, refer to the post title above.

I feel so angry, stressed out and drained. Too drained to do anything I like after work. Too tired by 5.30pm and want to drag my legs on the tarred road instead of walking like a normal person does. Since my colleague left for a better job last month, this happens to me every working days (mind you, 6 days per week).

So since only 2 people left for the department, I carry almost all the load. Doing the same things are so boring, so tiring. Of course, I don't do high-end sales, like my senior does, but I do almost everything else from admin to sales to calling a repair man to service the airconds. Since there are too many things to do all at once, certain things are left undone because I am out of hand. Then, I get scolded by colleague of another department for forgetting and keeps reminding me of his Standard of Procedure (SOP). Pffft.