by - April 05, 2015

What I need every morning.


I had few life turmoils happened recently that gave me headaches as well as heartaches. Those tiring and painful moments, I tried so hard to just let them passed by. And let those who hurt me to Touch n Go. Because A always reminded me to forgive and forget instead of slapping them back with pain to continue living. So I think that is a wise reminder and keep it close to heart. People might not know that hurting people will hurt you even worse until you feel it yourself. I know the fact so so well coz I hurt people too so at this one time without realising, I started to make a fresh restart and noticed that not everything bad is bad all the way for you.

Still keeping it fresh and progressing :)

My workplace. A vase of fresh flowers would be a great addition, isn't it?

So yes, GST has started and everything seems to turn upside down. Our salary is still the same but price keeps hiking I just don't understand what is the purpose of having GST. And my company sales also drops a little bit actually (as far as I know through my observation). I am a bit worried because the workload is just unbearable but the profit seems so-so. Is it the same for my other friends? I keep wondering. But at the end of the day, syukur la at least I have a job. I only allow myself to complain till the workload only. The rest, gone case lah. Hahahaha..

My dua pupu's (the bride) wedding last February. That weekend was well-spent with family and relatives.

Few months back, I received my Midori notebook. This baby is just amazing. It lures me to keep writing in it but sorry bae, no time to write. But it sure feels so good to do something I really really like; all the decorating job and pouring my heart out in there. Just. Uh-may-zing. Keeps my sanity intact too, and I don't have to write merepek repek at any social media and screw my own privacy coz now, the last thing I want is people knowing too much through social media. 

A date with my man.

So this is what I'd do while eating. Watching something good like The Big Bang Theory.

Life can be hard at times. But keep life in progress and not to lose hope and faith, people :)

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