Getting a Pony

by - August 02, 2015

Confession #5: I still have a soft spot for toys.

24 is definitely not the age to play with a toy. But sometimes, it is nice to have something to play with after long hours of sticking your butt on the chair doing same ol boring things. Like Gameboy or figurines or just anything. So this week I allowed myself to have something I like and there I was at Toys R Us to pick her up.

Her. The most inexpensive pony ever.

Cute right?

I have a thing with hair. Especially Barbie dolls. I remembered I used to shampoo their hair and styled them in ridiculous buns or braids. Even chopped the hair off in the hope that this Barbie will look more stunning. She looked miserable though hahaha. Coz I overdid it! She was almost bald! Tehehehe.

When I see this pony's long beautiful mane, purple summore, I did not hesitate. Almost get the bigger one but my sanity said this one would do. I can put her in the bag and play with her wherever I go. Ah, having her with me makes me feel like a child again. I go eee haaaa and neigh together with her pretending that we are forever best pony-buddies.


But I thought a toy is supposed to be played that way? No?

Hi! I'm Rarity. Call me Rhee!

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