The First Bridesmaid League

by - September 20, 2015


I've never became anyone's bridesmaid before. So when Mufidah or Mufy, asked me to join her bridesmaid league (amboi kau leagueeee), I was intrigued. I was far from ready (what to ready btw??) but decided to take it cool like being a bridesmaid is nothing but be a part of your friend's life event.


Joking joking.

Anyhoo, few days after the news, I collected my bridesmaid clothing material from her mom and sent it to the best tailor in Sungai Dua. She might be an old lady but her fashion sense is like, cenggini haaa *two thumbs up* Hahaha. Ok lah, as long as it is not the same ol modern kurung which I refused to wear on her reception day. Want things to be a bit different for her event.

Weeks before the important day, I was a bit worried because berat tak turun hahaha. I'd been wanting to look skinnier, to have my jawbone visible and all. Just to make all photos that have me in it looking good and poise. I FAILED. So yes my jawbone not appearing and dagu bulat but whatever, the event was memorable to all of us, and to me.

*menenangkan hati sekejap*

So yesterday (event day), I arrived at 1pm sharp alone and found few high school friends already sitted and feasted. I was happy. They are my friends yang dah lamaaaaa gila tak jumpa (max 7 years), and to meet them on such a happy day makes me even happier. We chatted like there was no tomorrow, dropped off the bomb question "bila nak kahwin weiii" to each other, swept it off and continued to chat more, drank sirap and chatted moreeeee. Girls aren't called chatterbox for no reason. Hahahaha. You see I was supposed to guard the photobooth but seeing that most guests could help themselves with the props, I ditched the photobooth for my friends. What a dedicated bridesmaid you are, Yam. Bahahaha :P

Eh but of course lah later on I helped to give away the goodie bags to guests. A bridesmaid is supposed to do that, at least, right?

These are the bridesmaids league members. I know the twos on the left since we went to school together, but not the other two who are Mufy's degree and masters friends. But we mingled well so everything went smooth and easy. Bride happy, bridesmaids pun happy :)

Awww look at them pengantins! We watched few romantic poses designed by the head photographer, Zul and I was like, awwww. Giyowo. Cute because my dear friend ni still malu malu dah kahwin 2 minggu pun. Hahahahaha.

Two of our beautiful high school friends who came.

To Mufidah, I'm happy that you've found a man who seems passionate about you, even about your friends's names. All the bad memories you had before were to make you ready for a more beautiful journey with your husband. I'm truly happy for both of you, hope you will have a blessed marriage and always be happy with your husband :)

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