The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part II

by - November 26, 2015


My colleague, F and I decided to watch the latest Hunger Games tonight. Yes! TO.NIGHT. Hahahaha I can't believe it either that I have the energy to watch a movie after working like heck today but hey, I consider this as a sweet escapade and I know I deserve a good movie. I mean. We deserve a good movie.

Food for people on diet. Kononnya lah kan padahal mashpot (mashpotatooooo) segenggam haa hahahaa :P

We booked the movie at 9.40pm so before that we had dinner at Dave's Deli. It was a bit of a fancy dinner for both of us (everyday pun makan nasi kat market, no fancy mancy and all) so the food was more than delicious. It was satisfying. We talked alot about our lives. I realize that we are totally different from what we are during working. I guess some things have to be done at professional level in the office.

After watching Hunger Games, we both agreed that this was one good movie and spent a few seconds recapping on the movie like we were some expert movie critics. Not. Hahahaha. But honestly, I think the last sequel is the best of all. Probably because of the happy ending, but I too feel that the storyline is kinda more interesting than the other sequels. Everyone dies but to get what we want, sacrifice has to be made. That's what I learnt today. So yeah, this Sunday I am going to look for a new job at SPICE. Hahaha ape kaitannnn! Takde! Bahahah > <

We took a few selfies for kenang kenangan who knows one of us might leave YH kannnn. I feel glad that I can be that senior who can sort of happykan my junior. I mean, she has no friends here. Tak salah be a part of her life walaupun sekecik kuku jari kelengkeng. Or lesser. Hahaha. It makes me happy too seeing her happy. Lately tengok drama Misaeng, it is kinda depressing to see all the juniors pressured by their superiors like nak bagi penampaq. Hhahah. So nah, I don't want to be that kind of person. Life is simple je. Keep things professional kat dalam office, friends outside of office. Better that way. Then finally reached home by 12.20am. We were safe, and will sleep soundly tonight.


Esok kerja. Hahahahahaha matikkk.

Pouty face no disgrace XD

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