by - February 08, 2016


Being a 25 years old ajumma yesterday, actually makes a difference. Usually I couldn't be bothered because for me age is just a number. I am always the same person as I was during my degree years. This year isn't the same. Everything happened in one day. So quick and beautiful, and surreal. This time I celebrated with both family and friends. Selalunya dengan family je, like went out for a birthday lunch or get pieces of cakes to be shared with the family. But this time, both sides kinda held a mini party for me. I never expected to get a party at this age! It's like going back to 20 years ago where birthday party is very common for a five year old.

Alhamdulillah. I feel blessed to have them loving me as I am. I love them as they are too, though might complained a bit here and there bahaaa. Biasalah tu :P But seriously I wouldn't trade them with anything, my family and friends.

This year, I wanna do some adjustments in life. To correct my crooked path and be the better person than I was yesterday. Banyak gila pengajaran yang aku dah belajar lately ni. Scary truths but sokay I' okay. 

Notice that my face doesn't really change. Ada tambah fine lines sikit hahahaha omg -.-'

Actually there are a lot of things I want to say here, but feeling and remembering with all my heart is already enough.

Terima kasih. For giving me another chance to live for another day, another age.

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