Suicide Squad

by - August 06, 2016

Jakun in the house yu owww


If you have the urge to watch a movie, just pick any. And never read the review. NEVER. 절대. That is my opinion. No point of initially having the excitement but then you crush it with few bad reviews from..I don't know, just anyone who might have a bad temper at the time he/she watches it, hence the bad reviews. Gaduh dengan partner ke, baru hilang kerja ke. Tapi dulu selalu ja buat macam tu, akhirnya affect decision untuk tengok movie. Akhirnya tak tengok. Melepasssss. So sekarang tak buat dah la, kasi bad mood je hahah.

Kitorang satu office decided untuk tengok movie sama sama Khamis lepas. Suicide Squad. Ooooo the titleee! This occasion is considered rare. We seldom go out as a whole, everyone go to the same place, watch the same thing, and so on. Biasanya lah kitorang akan berpecah kepada group, it's our office culture. Semalam, entah apelah mimpi manager aku tu, tiba tiba dia ajak tengok wayang. Kitorang pun on lah, Suicide Squad with officemates, why not? Sangat berkerjaya, lepas kerja tengok movie... this is laiiifff. Hahahahhaa. Tapi yang guys ni, dok baca review orang, kata movie ni so-so, or worse, bad. Bad? Bad?? You guys, I dah bagitau my mom baru you guys kata bad?? Hahaha. Nah, takdelah affected pun. Laagi aku nak tengok ada lah. Curiosity tahap cenggini dah *tunjuk kat leher*

I think those thumbs down reviews actually underrated this movie. Aku bukan lah expert kan, tapi takdelah teruk sangat movie ni. 3.6 from me, it means still watchable and enjoyable. Because of Quinn hahaha she's funny. But yeah, all in all, still watchable. That's why I said not to read those bad reviews. You gotta watch it with your own eyes pastu baru nilai.

Plus..this is also my first time watching at TGV I think this place is soo cool, and spacious! Of course I have to document this. Hahahaha :P

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