by - October 29, 2016


October is ending in 2 days time. Glad that my October went well. I get to know new people, get to go to new places, improving day by day, what else could I ask for? Right? Suami? It's okay, I can wait. Lemme enjoy my single days first. Oh and mend my heart. Hehehe.

Anyhoo, October is the month of birthdays. Gooooood. Meriah gila I sukhaaaa. Hehehe. One of it is my sister, Mecarah's birthday yang ke tuuut tahun. Takleh la nak bagitau, rahsiaaaaa. Since dia jarang gila balik rumah, aku decide untuk celebrate birthday dia. Belatedly. Takpa aih belated pun janji thought tu ada khenn. Aku ajak kawan dia, Hus dan pakat dengan dia untuk bawak kek.

Kitorang adik beradik jarang celebrate dengan kek. Jarang gila lah. So aku nak bagi something yang memorable. Tho I'm not sure this..this, is memorable ahahah. Coz I get her a box of cupcakes, or cuppies for short. Cuppies are easier to eat, and easier to carry. And cute, just like my sister gahahahah. Pokoknha, tak macam conventional birthday cake laaa.

Masa sampai kat Kapitan, terserempak kawan dorang so he joined us too. We talked quite alot hahahah I DON'T EVEN KNOW THEM! But hey, I was good. I'm still good at making friends. Ahh..doing new things are just amazing these days. After dinner, we parted, so we sisters went to watch Dr. Stranger at 11pm. Haaa midnight movie koooo. Movie tu aku bagi 5 bintang sebab serius best! We both liked it!

Cuppies are from @prettylittlecakes. So so so nice!

To my sister, Mecarah, happy birthday along sayang koooo 😚😚

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