Sheri's Bachelorette Party

by - November 28, 2016


Sheri, our dear friend is gonna get married in another few days time so kitorang decide nak buat surprise bachelorette party. Tho I think tak surprising pun. Langsung hahaha. Aku tak pernah attend event camni, apatah lagi plan bagai. So jadi excited bila Intan ajak semua ahli peserta party ni buat planning. Tho planning tu tak patut digunapakai sebab macam hala balai je semua hahaha. Yelah, semua orang kerja so takde masa nak plan betul betul macam bachelorette party yang orang kolumpo selalu dok buat tu.

Tak mampu sebenarnya that seems veryyyy costly hahaha.

For the party held last Saturday, takde props bagai. Told you, this is the simplest and most economical party ever. Ada lah few things for the bride-to-be yang necessary like tiara and sash and present. We replaced cake with half dozen J.Co doughnuts which we cut into 4 per doughnut. Cheapskate huh hahah. Tapi seronok, sebab kita share semua food tu, including the main meal which is 4 HOT & BURN (sorta shell out style). Semua kenyang (I think so, coz no complains received bahaa), semua had a lot of fun.

It's true. Simple is actually not less. It is more.

I felt glad that the makan makan party went well despite of not being the normal bachelorette party. Hope we will still be friends for the next 10, 20, 50 years and remember each other's bachelorette party (Imma make sure all of us have this kind of party hahah) and cherish the memory.

Meeting at Intan's place to plan for the present and party, ended up we makan makan more than we did the work. Hahaha >.<

Boleh konfius, Intan ke bride ni. Hahahha :P


P/s: Can't wait for the wedding this coming Saturday. Can't wait to see my dear friend tamatkan zaman bujang. Can't waittttt :)

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