Starting Again

by - September 18, 2017


One night, W said that he wanted to start reading again. I bet the last book he read was during his uni years, hehehe. Upon hearing his wish, I became excited. I was like, heck yeah! Imma read too! I was soooooo excited coz he wants to do something different in his life: reading. Kalau tak tengok TV, kerja, makan, tido, main game. So kudos to him for having the niat to read. Niat tu penting uolsss.

Also, the best girlfriend in the world gives support for everything (the good ones, not the bad ones), they say.

Psss...yang, lanje 3 cornetto balik nanti okey :P

So the next day (or night, I can say), I went to Borders Queensbay and bought us 1 brand new book for each of us. Tohdiaaa semangat cam apaaaa. Ni kalau tak baca, aku taktau la nak ketuk kepala siapa kan. Aku ke, dia kee 😂😂😂

Mine. At page 4, not bad. His is more complicated than this one, I think. Habislaaaaa 😂

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